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Special Border Platoons guarantee the national def
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`Strong Arm and Friendly Hand´ is motto in the Spe

`Strong Arm and Friendly Hand´ is motto in the Special Border Platoons

Boa Vista, Roraima – The First Brigade of Infantry of Jungle is responsible for an area of 224.1 square kilometers and its soldiers act in strategic points in the borders with Guyana and Venezuela. Its effective comprehends 3,340 soldiers, being 800 of them destined to the Battalion of Engineering of Construction (5th BEC).

The soldiers destined to the border platoons act under the triad of the sovereignty: Combat, Life and Work. The Combat is the ‘Strong Arm´. Life and Work are the ‘Friendly Hand´. Joined, they form the motto of the Brazilian Army.

The border platoons have a unique importance for the force. According to the Command, rice and bean may lack in Manaus, but in the border it is prohibited to lack.

To reinforce the vigilance and to strengthen the military presence in the borders, there must be created Special Border Platoons (PEF) in the regions of Entre Rios, Jacamim, Vila Contão, Ericó, Uaicamãs and Serra do Sol

The Army always acts in the border belt with the legal support. Its constitutional missions are defined, in particular, in the Complementary Law 117, of September 2 of 2004, which performance, when necessary, requires freedom of action anywhere in the national territory.

The presence of the Army in the borders is constant and it happens through the work of special military organizations, like the PEF.

The PEF aren´t autonomous unities of troop, but linked to Battalions of Infantry of Jungle / Command of Border; this way, there is no “budget for the PEF”, but resources destined to the battalions to which they are linked.


On October 27, the First Brigade of Infantry of Jungle received the first two Armored Vehicles of Recognition (VBR) “Cascavel”, of a total of seven vehicles that will integrate the 18th Mechanized Regiment of Cavalry.

The delivery of the vehicles aims to carry out the Strategic Plan of Restructuration of the Army (PEREx 2011-2014).

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