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`The United States is the most important country o

`The United States is the most important country of the South America´

This Monday, 19, the ambassador Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães, Minister-Chief of the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, declared open the ENABED IV (the Meeting of the Associations of Study of Defense), in Brasilia.

For the ex-Secretary-General of the Itamaraty, “the United States is the most important country of the South America”. He affirmed that this is a reality and that it has impact in the Security and Defense of the region.

“The importance of the United States in any country of the South America is extraordinary if compared with the influence of any South American country in the region”, he affirmed.

An example: more than 50 percent of the exports of oil of Venezuela have the United States as destiny.

Speaking for an audience formed by students, reaearchers, teachers, diplomats and soldiers of the Armed Forces, Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães pointed out that the South America keeps on being an extremely rich region in natural, energetic and mineral resources, which has 25 percent of the arable land of the entire world and detains a small population regarding its territory.

“On the other side, the South America is one of the most unequal regions of the planet, with great asymmetries between the states, principally between Brazil and the remainder”, he acknowledged.

In his opinion, the region is still marked by historical resentments that influence the Security of the region.

“These are resentments that come from the time of the formation of the states near the Prata River, of the disintegration of Great Colombia and of the wars of the Pacific Ocean and of the Chaco region”, he explained.


The ambassador explained that Europe increasingly loses space in the region, to Asia and to the United States, and that Spain looks, through the Ibero-American Summit, to maintain its degree of influence among the Latin-American countries.

“The Spaniards turned the conquest of Americas into Meetings of Civilizations, what is an absurdity”, he said.

He also detached the presence of China in the South America. The country is already the first commercial partner of Brazil and of all other South American countries.

“China comes in search of natural resources and food, establishing bonds of production for its market. The enormous search of natural resources of China and India are going to dictate many changes in the planet. Africa will also have great importance for the future of Brazil because of its necessities and the possibility for Brazil to attend them”, he affirmed.


The responsible one for the Project Brazil 2022, Samuel Pinheiro, thinks that the biggest challenge of Brazil in the South America concerns the development of the countries of the region.

This contribution would have to pass through an intense volume of resources in works of infrastructure in transports, communication and energy. Pinheiro came to defend a “Marshall Plan” to strengthen the regional integration.

Besides, he secured that Brazil doesn´t dispute the leadership in the South America, while making its posture clear in defense of the self-determination of the people and of non-intervention in internal affairs of the rest.

“Brazil only participates as mediator when called by the involved parts” he guaranteed.

“The society don’t accept that somebody comes to say how we should get organized and Brazil must assume that it is the principal country of the South America, which is a fact and must contribute with the infrastructure of the rest”, he reinforced.

Paraguay, for example, in spite of dividing the biggest hydroelectric station of the world with Brazil, suffers with blackouts, and the political and social instability in the neighbor countries may perhaps be a result of problems like this one.

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