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Agenda of the Summit of Ministers of the Defense i

Agenda of the Summit of Ministers of the Defense in discussion

Representatives of the 33 countries of Americas are reunited in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, to discuss the agenda of the ninth edition of the Summit of American Ministers of the Defense, which will happen in the country between November 22 and 25.

For the Bolivian government, the Security and the Defense can´t be restricted to the efforts of the diplomacy and of the Summits, but they must become a decisive factor to the creation of an atmosphere of regional peace.

According to the vice-deputy of the Defense of Bolivia, José Prudencio, the Ministers´ Conference is an opportunity for the country to show to the region the Bolivian bet in the peace, trust and transparency.

“If there is no transparency, there is no confidence and if there is no confidence, there is no peace”, he affirmed.

The Summit will be centered in three axles: Peace and Conflict in Americas, Armed Forces, Society and Democracy, and Armed Forces and Natural Disasters.

The Bolivian Minister of the Defense, Rubén Saavedra, also hopes that the region copies the example of the country, which decided to prohibit the installation of military bases of extra-regional forces in its territory.

He secured that Bolivia renounced to the war as a method of solution of conflicts.

The thematic agenda of the Summit is also a result of several meetings, promoted by the Ministry of the Defense of Bolivia, with specialists, representatives of the civil society and between the ministries of the Defense of the countries in the region.

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