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Air Force of Chile wants to buy KC 390 of the Embr

Air Force of Chile wants to buy KC 390 of the Embraer

Recently, in Santiago, the Ministers of Defense of Brazil, Nelson Jobim, and of Chile, Jaime Ravinet, signed the Declaration of Intentions, so that Chile participates of the development of the KC 390, airplane of military transport projected by Embraer.

Through this understanding, the National Aeronautic Enterprise of Chile (Enaer) will participate of the discussions around the development of the aircraft and in the supply of part of its structure.

Besides, Chile will acquire at least six unities of the KC 390.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) announced the purchase of 28 airplanes.

Brazil and Chile believe that the initiative will strengthen the industrial bases of defense of both countries.

The Enaer supplies structures for the regional jet ERJ 145.

In 2008, the Air Force of Chile ordered 12 airplanes Super Tucano for missions of tactic training of pilots. All the unities were delivered.

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