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Approved Defense agreements with Bolivia, El Salvador and Honduras

The Senate approved the agreements of cooperation in Defense secured by Brazil with Bolivia, El Salvador and Honduras, in 2007.


Since Brazil froze its diplomatic relations with Honduras, the agreement between them doesn’t invigorate.

The agreement with Bolivia gives emphasis to the areas of research and development, logistic support and acquisition of products and services of Defense.

Besides, it intensifies the exchange of experiences in operations of peacekeeping. Bolivia maintains an effective one in Haiti under Brazilian command.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the agreement is inserted in the Brazilian priority of integration of the South America, contributing to the regional development and security.

In La Paz, the Bolivian Minister of Defense, Rúben Saavedra, confirmed that the country will carry out efforts to modernize and to equip the Armed Forces that use equipments with more than 50 years.

Saavedra explained that Bolivia has no conditions of acquiring new equipments, of last generation, but the country already started conversations with Russia and China and that Bolivia will probably also close contracts with South American neighbors.

El Salvador

The agreement in Defense with El Salvador predicts the exchange of knowledge in the areas of Science and Technology and the promotion of joint actions of military training and education.

El Salvador also intends to enlarge its participation in missions of peacekeeping under mandate of the United Nations and disposes of Brazil to refine its expertise.

In the evaluation of the Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, the agreement concerns, also, the promises of strengthening of mutual confidence and transparency assumed in the context of Americas.


With Honduras, the cooperation will be developed through mutual visits, meetings between competent institutions, exchange of personnel, courses, besides the implementation and development of programs and projects of Defense technology application.

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