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Argentina will be the first destination of preside

Argentina will be the first destination of president Dilma

President Dilma Rousseff will travel to Argentina before the month ends, in her first official travel to the outside. The United States and China also are among the priorities of the president.

According to the Minister of Foreign Relations, Antonio Patriota, besides the two powers, Brazil will also prioritize the relations with the neighbor countries.

“We will orientate the extern action of Brazil by preserving the conquests of the last years and building over the solid base of the realizations of the Government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva”, explained the new chancellor.

Patriota talked with the president, before the inauguration, about her first agenda of international travels. It was agreed that Dilma will participate of the Summit ‘South America – Arab Countries’, which will be carried out in Lima, Peru, in February.

In her inauguration speech, Patriota affirmed that the South American countries will receive special attention by part of Brazil.

“It is possible to affirm that, among the poles that shape the new geopolitics of this beginning of century, Brazil, with its tradition of peace and tolerance, positions itself as an actor that joins privileged characteristics for the promotion of more inclusive models of development and for the strengthening of the cooperation between the nations through more representative and legitimate government mechanisms”, he affirmed.


During the eight years of the government Lula, the relations between Brazil and Argentina were marked by controversies and commercial arguments. Brasilia got used to hush up the claims of Buenos Aires.

For Brazil, the stability of its relations with Argentina is determinative so that the rest of the world perceives the country as a global actor.

“We will keep on privileging the dialog and the diplomacy as method of solution of tensions and controversies; on defending the respect to the international right, to the non-intervention and to the multilateralism; on fighting for a world free of nuclear weapons; on fighting the prejudice, the discrimination and the arbitrariness; and on rejecting the resource to the coercion without basis in the commitments that unite us as international community”,  said the Minister in his inauguration in the Itamaraty.

For Antonio Patriota, it is responsibility of Brazil “to complete the transformation of the South America in a space of human, physical and economical integration, where the dialog and the political concert undertake of preserving the peace and the democracy”.

In his opinion, the relationship between Brazil and Argentina is central in this undertaking. According to him, the bilateral relation “has today a moment of plenitude and advances in a wide specter of initiatives that include areas like the cooperation in space matter and of the pacific uses of the nuclear energy”.

In Patriota’s evaluation, it is natural that everyone creates expectations as for the level of relationship that will have with Brazil.

He confirmed still that the country will pursue a deep reform of the international organisms so that the emergent countries have a bigger representativeness.

“We will keep attentive to avoid that the decision-making circles that are formed around the principal contemporary questions reproduce the asymmetries of the past, ignoring the legitimate aspirations of those who don´t integrate them. The G-20s and other limited groupings will only manage to consolidate their authority if they remain sensitive to the longings and interests of the more than 150 countries that don´t participate of their meetings”, he explained.

Antonio Patriota also hinted that the opening of embassies and consulates of Brazil will be slowed down and that the formation of the diplomats must obey the principles of the autonomous reflexive depth and of operational efficiency, compatible with the profile of global actor that the country intends to consolidate.

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