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Bolivia denounces plan of the USA to attack Iran

Bolivia denounces plan of the USA to attack Iran

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, affirmed this Tuesday, in New York, that the United States has a plan to attack militarily Iran and discarded the possibility of breaking relations with Tehran.

Morales and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met in the building of the UNO in one of the intervals of the General Assembly.

Washington sees with preoccupation the deepening of the Iranian relations with Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Morales also announced that on the October 25 and 26 he will carry out official travel to Iran to give continuity to the negotiations about the Iranian cooperation in several areas.

Bolivia has just welcomed the first Iranian ambassador in the country, Alireza Ghezili, and has just nominated Jorge Miranda as its representative in Tehran.


Iran granted financing for the construction of hospitals in Bolivia and authorized a credit of US$ 254 millions for the Bolivian industrial development.

Tehran intends to invest in the country and, for that, it wants that Bolivia has at least a little infrastructure.

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