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Bolivia fears North American military invasion

Bolivia fears North American military invasion

The Vice-president of Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera, affirmed, this Wednesday, that the United States may use the drug trafficking as pretext to invade the country.

Linera urged the coca producers to contribute with the government in the struggle against the drug trafficking as a way of neutralizing the plans of Washington D.C.

According to him, “there are foreign powers that use any pretext to silence the will of the people. I want to tell to the colleagues that we must be careful with that, that we must assume the issue of the coca production as an issue of global repercussion and that we must accompany president Morales in his strategy. The risk of invasion of a power, which doesn’t accepts our dignity and own development, is always latent”.

In the evaluation of the Bolivian Vice-president, the United States always want to have the other countries in the  condition of subordinates, and since Bolivia nationalized strategic enterprises, it became a problem.

Álvaro García Linera understands that the same pretext was used by the United States to “invade” Colombia 20 years ago.

Thus, he urged so that the coca isn’t produced in the national parks and that the programs of substitution of crops are incremented.

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