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Bolivia threatens to boycott Ibero-American Summit

Bolivia threatens to boycott Ibero-American Summit

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, warned to the organizers of the Ibero-American Summit, which will be carried out in December, in Argentina, that his country won´t participate if Honduras is invited.

Bolivia doesn´t recognize the government of President Porfírio Lobo, elected after the coup d´etat that overthrew Manuel Zelaya.

In the evaluation of Evo Morales, Porfírio Lobo “is a product of a dictatorship, of a coup d´etat”.

In meeting with the Ibero-American Secretary-General, Enrique Iglesias, Morales made clear that Bolivia will boycott the event.

Last Monday, several Latin-American Chiefs of State left the General Assembly of the United Nations when Porfírio Lobo began his speech.

Chancellor Celso Amorim affirmed that Brazil defends the return of Manuel Zelaya to Honduras with the immediate filing of all the accusations against him.

Before this measure is adopted, the country won´t recognize the elected government and won´t restore the diplomatic relations.

In May, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela threatened not to participate of the Summit ‘Latin America and Caribbean – European Union’, carried out in Madrid, if Lobo was invited.

The Spanish government was hardly criticized for calling the Honduran president without consulting the governments of the region that don´t recognize him.

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