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Bolivia wants new gas pipeline to attend Brazil

Bolivia wants new gas pipeline to attend Brazil

In spite of the recent discoveries of natural gas in the state of Maranhão and of the increase of the Brazilian investments in the national reserves, the Bolivian government studies the possibility of building a new gas pipeline to attend the country.

For the Bolivians, Brazil may duplicate the demand of natural gas up to 2020, which will oblige Bolivia to invest in the undertaking.

According to the General Manager of the Gas TransBoliviano (GTB), Katya Diederich, the growth projections indicate this tendency.

The Bolivians consider the growth of the industrial production of the state of São Paulo, which, in the last trimester, exceeded 20 percent.

Diederich reminded that Bolivia, considering the difficulties and landforms or natural disasters, never stopped fulfilling the international contracts that it maintains with Argentina and Brazil.

The GTB is a branch of the YPFB, which operates the gas pipeline ‘BoliviaBrazil’.

The pipeline is 2,350 kilometers long, starting in Bolivia and ending in the state of São Paulo, from where the Petrobras distributes to the rest of the country, including Porto Alegre (state of Rio Grande do Sul).

This gas pipeline alone is responsible for 50 percent of the Bolivian exports and for 16 percent of the Gross National Product (GNP) of the country.

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