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The Amazon region and the strategic goals

Bolivia wants to discuss military interventionism

Bolivia wants to discuss military interventionism

President Evo Morales announced that it will be carried out, in Bolivia, an international event to discuss the military interventionism in the Latin America.

According to him, the North American military presence in the region represents interference in the process of Latin-American integration.

Evo Morales affirmed that where the North American military bases are, there won´t be integration.

In his evaluation, the presence of North American soldiers in the Latin America, which has as pretext the struggle against the drug trafficking and the terrorism, hides the wish of controlling the natural resources of the region.

For the Bolivian, the Colombian military bases that will be used by the United States constitute a threat for the whole South America.

He also blamed the country for the coup d´etat in Honduras, in June of 2009.

Hemispherical conference

Between November 22 and 25, Santa Cruz de la Sierra will host the ninth edition of the Summit of American Ministers of Defense.

The Ministers will discuss:

– Consolidation of the peace, confidence, security and cooperation in Americas

– Transparency about the Budget of Defense and acquisition of weapons

– Democracy, Armed Forces, Security and Society

– Regional Security and Natural Disasters, strengthening the hemispherical cooperation.

In this last topic, the Ministers intend to value the regional capacity to respond to natural disasters, management of risks and protocols of coordination and cooperation.

Brazil and Chile must present their experiences in Haiti and regarding the earthquake of February, respectively.

The tenth conference will be carried out in Uruguay, in 2012.

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