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Brazil and Nigeria secure agreement about Cooperat

Brazil and Nigeria secure agreement about Cooperation in Defense

Last Thursday, the Minister of the Defense of Brazil, Nelson Jobim, secured the Agreement ‘Brazil-Nigeria’ about Cooperation in Defense with the Prince Adetokunbo Kayode, who is the Nigerian Minister of the Defense.

According to the Ministry of the Defense, the instrument intends to deepen the relations between the two countries, especially in the area of naval projects.

Nigeria has interest in deepening the relations with the Brazilian Navy, especially with the Engepron – Managerial Enterprise of Naval Projects, of the Navy.

The African nation also is interested in the project of the Boat School, which the Navy is carrying out so that the MEC can use them in the Northern region.

Brazil, in turn, intends to develop with Nigeria a common action regarding the mineral exploration in the Atlantic.

Jobim used the meeting to advance in this subject, which also consisted of the meetings agenda with other countries of the African Atlantic coast.

Since this is a Brazilian priority, Minister Nelson Jobim discussed the subject with authorities of several countries of Africa, aiming to obtain support for an joint acting with the UN, to avoid that, when the mining rights in the basement of the Atlantic were granted, in international waters, there is no damage to the routes of navigation that tie the South America to Africa or between these two regions and other areas of the planet.

The principal fear of the countries that have borders with the Atlantic is that the miner countries create, in the future, areas of exclusion on mining fields and oblige the merchant ships that travel along the Atlantic Ocean to complete the route with detours that raise the price of the freight.

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