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Brazil and United Kingdom keep Economical Dialog o

Brazil and United Kingdom keep Economical Dialog of High Level

This Tuesday, diplomatic authorities of Brazil and of the United Kingdom met for the Economical Dialog of High Level, which aims to deepen the relations between the two countries in themes of the bilateral and multilateral financial-economical agenda.

In the opportunity, were boarded questions regarding the G-20, the reform of the international financial institutions, the financial regulation, the Doha Development Round of the WTO, the trade between the MERCOSUR and the European Union and the Millennium Development Goals.

Moreover, Brazil and United Kingdom seek to identify opportunities to deepen the bilateral cooperation in several areas.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, between January and August of this year, the Brazilian exports to the United Kingdom totalized US$ 2.78 billions, with growth of 18 percent regarding the same period of 2009.

The British exports to Brazil totalized, in the same period, US$ 2.03 billions, with rise of 67 percent.

Poor countries

The director of International Relations of the Ministry for the International Development of the United Kingdom, Anthony Smith, informed that both governments study a partnership that allows helping poor countries, especially of the Western Africa.

Smith explained that the United Kingdom doesn’t have an aid program for Brazil, but that it wants to work with the Brazilian government to help countries like Mozambique, for example.

“The Brazilian government knows that it has an important role [in the global scenario] and it is interested in doing more for the poor ones,” he pointed out.

In his evaluation, the underdeveloped countries see in Brazil an example of success.

Anthony Smith reminded that only funds and humanitarian help aren´t capable of putting an end to the poverty in the world and that the Brazilian example of economical stability associated to social programs must be duplicated.

“The poor countries have unstable economy, negative growth and high levels of inequality. A country like Brazil has many experiences to share,” he concluded.

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