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Brazil is the principal buyer of weapons of France

Brazil is the principal buyer of weapons of France

France is the fourth largest world exporter of armaments and between 2000 and 2009, Brazil was its principal client.

It is what reveals an inform of the ministry of Defense of the country, spread last Wednesday.

According to the document, after Brazil, Saudi Arabia and India are the greatest buyers of weapons of France.

Spain appears in 14th in the list of 15 principal buyers.

Up to 2008, Brazil was the ninth biggest buyer and it reached the first place thanks to the purchase of conventional and nuclear submarines and to the bilateral strategic association secured between presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Nicolás Sarkozy.

Among the Latin-American clients are Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela, according to the business volume.

Last year, France registered contracts of around 8.1 billion euros against 6.5 billion euros of 2008, which means an increase superior to 20 percent and 40 percent regarding the results of 2007.

For the ministry of Defense of France, the strong advancement in the exports of weapons since 2004, was confirmed.

That year, France sold three billion euros only.

The document that will be submitted to the French Congress situates the country as fourth main exporter of weapons, with 7.2 percent of the market, behind the United States, with 52 percent, United Kingdom, with 13.4 percent, and Russia, with 8.4 percent.

Israel occupies the fifth place, with 5.3 percent of the world market of weapons.


In this moment, France focuses the conclusion of the process of purchase of 36 fighter airplanes of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

The country disputes the final phase of the biding of the FAB with the Rafale, manufactured by Dassault.

The Frenchmen believe that the Brazilian government will end the process after the second round of the presidential elections.

Document of the FAB revealed by the InfoRel, in June, confirms the preference for the French fighter.

France also negotiates with the United Arab Emirates the sale of 60 unities of the Rafale.

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