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Brazil´s explanation of vote at the Special Sessio

Brazil´s explanation of vote at the Special Session of the Security Council on the Situation in Libya

Permanent Representative of Brazil, Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti


“Brazil voted in favour of resolution 1970.


We are deeply disturbed by the dramatic situation in Libya. The level of violence against the civilian population is totally unacceptable.


The Government of Brazil has publicly and firmly condemned the use of violence and called on the authorities in Libya to uphold and protect the right of free expression of the protesters, as well as to seek a solution to the crisis through dialogue.


The measures we are adopting today are meant to halt violence, ensure the protection of the civilian population and promote respect for international law.


By adopting this resolution as a matter of urgency, the Security Council gave a clear signal of its readiness to respond to the situation in Libya in a manner consistent with its responsibilities.


In our deliberations today, Brazil paid due regard to the views expressed by the League of Arab States and the African Union, as well as to the requests made by the Permanent Mission of Libya to the United Nations.


Brazil also had in mind the need to ensure the safety of all foreign nationals, including those who are still on the ground and wish to leave the country.


Distinguished Members of the Council,

Brazil is a long-standing supporter of the integrity and universality of the Rome Statute. We oppose the exemption from jurisdiction for nationals of countries not parties to the Rome Statute.


In face of the gravity of the situation in Libya, and the most urgent need for the Council to send a strong, united message, my delegation supported the resolution.


We express, however, our strong reservation concerning Operative Paragraph 6.


We reiterate our conviction that initiatives aimed at establishing exemptions of certain categories of individuals from ICC jurisdiction are not helpful to advance the cause of justice and accountability and will not contribute to strengthening the role of the Court.


Brazil hopes this resolution can contribute to the end of violence in Libya, so that the country can quickly find a solution to the crisis through dialogue and reconciliation.


Continued engagement on the part of the international community will be essential to ensure that the bloodshed fully stops and that Libya returns to stability.


Thank you”.



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