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Brazil secures agreements in Defense with the Arab

Brazil secures agreements in Defense with the Arab Emirates and Algeria

While the Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, was discussing the terms of an agreement of Defense with the United Arab Emirates, the Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Miguel Jorge, was tacking the understandings in the same area with Algeria, where he was between September 15 and 18.

On Sunday, Jobim met, in Abu Dhabi, with the chief of the Armed Forces of the Arab Emirates, lieutenant general Mohammed Hamad Al Thani Rumaithi.

They discussed the enlargement of the military cooperation and Minister Nelson Jobim could know better how the local Armed Forces work.

Jobim visited an air base, a war center and some enterprises of the sector of Defense.

Previously, the Minister had already passed by the Czech Republic and Ukraine, where he also signed agreements of cooperation.


Algeria may sign an agreement in Defense with Brazil that allows it to acquire equipments of Brazilian enterprises no-bid.

Frederico Aguiar, president of the Brazilian Association of the Industries of Material of Defense and Security (Abimde), met with representatives of the Ministry of Defense and of the Algerian Department of National Security.

According to him, the Brazilian industry of Defense and Security acts in Algeria for 10 years, with the export of non-lethal ammunition and light weapons.

“From 2001 to 2009, were closed contracts of US$ 30 millions, which is very little, because only last year Algeria imported in US$ 6 billions in weapons, armored vehicles, airplanes, vessels”, he affirmed.

Currently, the main suppliers of material of Defense for Algeria are China and Russia.

In the evaluation of Aguiar, Brazil needs to deepen its policy of strategic intelligence to explore new markets.

“It isn´t at random that Sarcozy [Nicolas Sarcozy, president of France] comes to Brazil to sell submarines and airplanes. It isn´t at random that the president of Russia [Dmitri Medvedev] goes to Venezuela to sell vehicles, weapons and fighters”, he observed.

The president of the Abimde showed still that the EMBRAER participates of an bidding for the sale of airplanes of patrol and the CBC (Brazilian Company of Cartridges) commercialize ammunitions with the Algerian government.

“Besides, they will make a cartographical mapping of the maritime territory, service that can be provided by Emgepron, which is the Management Company of Naval Projects, of the Brazilian Navy “, he affirmed.

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