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Brazil will acknowledge violations of human rights

Brazil will acknowledge violations of human rights in the dictatorship

Vested in the post of minister-chief of the Secretariat of Human Rights (SDH), the federal deputy Maria do Rosário Nunes (PT), from Rio Grande do Sul, assured that Brazil will acknowledge the crimes committed by the military dictatorship introduced in the country between 1964 and 1985.

According to her, “it is more than time to the country to give explanations about the violation of human rights occurred in that period”.

The theme was always treated with caution by the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The crash with the military cost the post of the Minister of Defense, José Viegas.

The minister affirmed that the reconciliation is a “meeting of generations around a new culture”.

According to her, “it isn´t about a revenge attitude. We are moved by the understanding. The Armed Forces are part of the democracy consolidation.

“There are no contradictions between the military sectors and the democracy anymore. We are reconciling the Brazilian nation”, she explained.

She defended still the integration between her ministry and the Defense one, commanded by Nelson Jobim.

In December, Brazil was condemned by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights of the Organization of the American States (OAS), by the violation of basic rights of 62 people missing in the Guerrilla of the Araguaia, in the 70´s, and because of not giving explanations to the relatives on the whereabouts of the bodies of these people.

In the government Lula, the Executive Power sent to the National Congress the bill that creates the National Commission of the Truth, responsible for new tensions with the military ways.

The Commission defended by Maria do Rosário will be able to investigate, without powers of civil or penal judgement, the incident of crimes as seizure, torture, rape and murder, committed by military and policemen in the repression to the armed combat.

In the evaluation of the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, there won´t be controversies, in the government Dilma, between the soldiers and the defenders of human rights.

“It will be an absolutely harmonious relation. Justice, defense and human rights will be integrated in a policy under direction of the president”, he affirmed.

In the opinion of the attorney general, Roberto Gurgel, the project that creates the National Commission of the Truth “is a right of the citizenship, a right of the Brazilian nation itself”.

Analysis of the news

Marcelo Rech

Brazil is one of few countries that hangs the discussion about its past.

The military regime violated human rights and up to today there are Brazilians considered missing.

For the soldiers, what happened in 1964 was a revolution where the Armed Forces were “called” by the society and the Church to intervene in the courses of the country.

For more than 30 years we couldn´t vote and lived under censorship. The soldiers speak with pride of this period, but they don´t accept the revision of the history.

In his management, Lula preferred to adopt a dubious policy: the soldiers were attended in their demands and the “comrades” earned much with the industry of compensations that the PT (“Party of the Workers”) created.

Brazil demands a Commission of the Truth not to “hunt for the witches”, but to put a closure in this chapter of its history.

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