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Brazilian enterprises participate of mission to Ca

Brazilian enterprises participate of mission to Canada

At least 29 Brazilian enterprises will be represented during the mission organized by the Brazilian government towards Canada, from September 22 to September 24, with the goal of seeking for new business and strategic partnerships in the country.

The Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) informed that the group is originating from several sectors, like ‘foods and drinks’, ‘tools’, ‘computers and communication technologies’, ‘products for civil construction’, ‘jewels and gems’, ‘energy’, among others.

The mission will be led by the executive secretary of the MDIC, Ivan Ramalho, and it will have business rounds between Brazilian and Canadian businessmen, which will be carried out in the city of Toronto.

During the mission, Ivan Ramalho and the group of the Brazilian government will also meet with the Deputy Minister of International Trade of Canada, Louis Lévesque, and other Canadian authorities.

The event was organized by the MDIC and the Brazilian Agency of Promotion and Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil), with support of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MRE).


Commercial exchange


In the first eight months of 2010, the Brazilian exports to Canada totalized US$ 1.4 billion, with addition of 29.9 percent on equal period of 2009 (US$ 1 billion).


The participation of the exports to Canada, in the Brazilian total, climbed from 1.06 percent to 1.07 percent.


The national imports of Canadian products grew 70.9 percent, in the same period, and stabilized in US$ 1.7 billion.


The participation of Canada in the total imports of Brazil grew from 1.28 percent to 1.5 percent.


From January to August of 2010, the balance of trade between the two countries presented negative balance for Brazil, of US$ 363 millions.


In equal period of 2009, it was registered surplus of US$ 37 millions. The bilateral trade flow reached US$ 3.1 billions in the first eight months of 2010, value 50 percent above the accounted in equal interval of 2009 (US$ 2 billions).


In the same period, Canada occupied the 21st position among the target markets of Brazilian products, two positions above the one in equal period of 2009.


In the imports, the country was in the 17th position among the countries that supply products to Brazil, one above the situation of the eight months of 2009 (18th).


The Brazilian export basket to Canada, between January and August of 2010, was constituted of 73.8 percent of industrialized goods (57.1 percent of manufactured products and 16.8 percent of semi-manufactured products) and 25.1 percent of basic products.


In the imports, Brazil bought from Canada 82.1 percent of industrialized products (65.1 percent of manufactured products and 17 percent of semi-manufactured products) and 17.9 percent of basic ones.

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