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Brazilian president evaluates situation of Haiti and Honduras

President Dilma Rousseff discussed, this Tuesday, the situation of Haiti and of Honduras with the Secretary-general of the Organization of the American States, José Miguel Insulza.

In June, the OAS carries out its Annual General-Assembly and the expectation of the organism is for the return of Honduras to the Inter-American system. The country was expelled in 2009 after a coup d´etat that deposed President Manuel Zelaya.

For Brazil, the recognition of the current government depends on the return of Zelaya to the country. He is a refugee in Dominican Republic.

“We talked about the necessity of resolving the pending problem, which is the safe and calm return of ex-president Zelaya to Honduras, so that Brazil can recognize the government of that country”, affirmed Insulza, after the meeting.

According to him, “everybody agrees with the fact that we have to put an end to this situation.”

The government of Honduras works to conquer the support of the countries of the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR), but Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela prove to be irreducible.

José Miguel Insulza explained that the Latin America is passing through a special moment in the economy and in the politics. “We have in the region like a mark of optimism, of important economical development.”

On the other hand, he showed the preoccupation of the OAS with the situation of Haiti.

Few were the concrete advancements made after more than one year of the earthquake that destroyed the country in January of 2010.

“Our efforts are to lift this country and to prepare it for the next elections [predicted for March 20].”

Last week, Brazil announced the donation of US$ 300 thousand dollars to support the electoral process in Haiti. Other US$ 800 thousand had been already released in the beginning of the year.

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