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Brazilian Training Ship goes through the world

Brazilian Training Ship goes through the world

The Training Ship of the Brazilian Navy moored in Guaiaquil, Ecuador, this Monday, with 429 sailors. The vessel remains in the country up to this Wednesday, when it follows to Cartagena de Índias, Colombia.

The Training Ship departed from Rio de Janeiro on June 5 and it already visited the ports of Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Valparaíso (Chile) and Callao (Peru).

From Cartagena, the Training Ship follows to Havana (Cuba), Fort Lauderdale and Baltimore (United States), Le Havré (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), London (England), Lisbon (Portugal), Valencia (Spain), Toulon (France), Civitavecchia (Italy), Pireu (Greece), Las Palmas (Spain), and Natal(Brazil).

The crew is formed by 33 officials, 217 members of the troop, 179 midshipmen and sailors of Angola, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

During the travel around the ports of the world, they are trained in meteorology, naval operations, control of damages, naval administration and leadership.

The Training Ship disposes of Brazilian technology and includes a system of tactic simulation and training; intelligent tactic terminal and system of control of damages.

The vessel was incorporated to the Navy of Brazil on August 21 of 1986. The Ship was built in the Naval Dockyard, in Rio de Janeiro.

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