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Lula defends help of Brazil to the neighbor countr

Chancellor defends Brazilian acting in agreement w

Chancellor defends Brazilian acting in agreement with Iran

This Wednesday –  one day after Brazil adhere to the sanctions imposed to Iran by the UN Security Council -, the Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, affirmed that Teheran signals for new negotiations about the nuclear question.

Amorim emphasized that the efforts undertaken by Brazil on behalf of a diplomatic agreement weren´t in vain.

According to the agreement, that had still the support of Turkey, Iran would send to that country 1.2 tons of brutish uranium and would receive, subsequently, the same quantity, enriched to 20 %.

The fuel would be used for medical aims.

For Brazil and Turkey, the agreement reached in Teheran suits to the demands done by the members of the Security Council.

“I think that the effort wasn´t useless. We have a beginning of conversation. Iran has been saying that it wants to negotiate again. I have been hearing of several Western countries that they want to return [discussing the subject]. Others [Western countries] aren´t so clear. If that occurs [recovery of the negotiations with Iran], it will only have been possible because there was this declaration”, affirmed Amorim.

The Minister also showed that the Iranian government didn´t answered to the Brazilian offer of granting political asylum to Sakineh Ashtiani, 43-year-old, sentenced to death by stoning.

Celso Amorim again defended the Brazilian decision of offering political asylum to the Iranian woman. In his evaluation, it is a question of humanitarian gesture that might contribute with the image of Iran before the rest of the world.

“The fact is that the situation of this lady, even in light of the threat of stoning and of the alleged crime of which she is accused, is a thing that shocks the sensibility of the Brazilian people and of the whole world”, said the Minister.

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