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Chancellor links terrorism with social inequalitie

Chancellor links terrorism with social inequalities

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, participated, this Monday, in New York, of the Thematic Debate of the UN Security Council about Counter-terrorism, and he affirmed that there are no excuses for terrorist acts.

In the InfoRel in English, read the full presentation made by Minister Celso Amorim.

According to him, “Brazil always condemned the terrorism in all its forms and demonstrations. Our Constitution consecrates the repudiation to the terrorism as a basic principle of our international relations. Brazil is a part of all the international conventions and protocols against the terrorism”.

For Celso Amorim, violence, intolerance and social, political, economical and cultural injustices constitute the best athmosphere for the development of the global terrorism.

“Economical and social development accompanied by an atmosphere of respect for each other is the best antidote to the combat to the terrorism”, he pointed out.

The Minister reaffirmed the preference of Brazil for multilateral agreements of combat to the terrorism and the support to the Global Counter-terrorism Strategy of the United Nations.

On the other hand, he drew attention of the world against the xenophobia and the prejudice.

“Tolerance is the key to avoid the polarization and the violent extremism. Initiatives like the Alliance of Civilizations of the UNO can have a role in this sense. Our Declaration appropriately makes reference to that”, he explained.


Celso Amorim asked special attention to the relations between the organized crime and the financing of the terrorism and to the possibility of the terrorist organizations to access weapons of mass destruction, principally nuclear bombs.

For the Minister, the most efficient way to reduce the risks of nuclear devices to “fall into the wrong hands” is the total and irreversible elimination of all the nuclear arsenals.

“I reiterate the full support of Brazil to the initiatives undertaken by the committees of the Security Council to facilitate the technical assistance to the countries that request it. Brazil is ready to cooperate with other countries in this matter. Brazil is fully committed with a coordinated and multidimensional response to all the challenges placed by the terrorism and the UNO should be in the vanguard of this effort”, he concluded.

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