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Chancellor wants a less dependent Haiti

Chancellor wants a less dependent Haiti

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, defended, this Wednesday, that Haiti should have full autonomy and become less dependent of the foreign help.

The chancellor, who participates, this Thursday, of the General Assembly of the United Nations, will follow to Port au Prince next Tuesday, September 28.

In New York, the Minister participated of meeting of the international commission that discusses the reconstruction of Haiti.

In the capital of the country, he will talk with local authorities to know how the resources donated to Haiti are being applied and which the current necessities are.

For Celso Amorim, “it is necessary to help Haiti to become more autonomous and less dependent of the foreign help”.

The Minister confirmed that Brazil gave US$ 55 millions to Haiti, of which US$ 40 millions will be applied in projects of reconstruction and US$ 15 millions in the restructuring of the administrative and public sectors.

The Haitians consider priority: the professional capacity, construction of barrages and of a hydroelectric dam, besides textile factories. Moreover, they want the continuity of the projects of agriculture, of health and of public safety.

In the evaluation of the Brazilian chancellor, it is necessary guarantee to the government of Haiti conditions so that it is able to lead the process of reconstruction of the country.

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