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Chancellor wants South American block to face the

Chancellor wants South American block to face the world

The Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, affirmed last Friday, in Rio de Janeiro, that the South America needs to form a strong economical block to face the global market.

He participated of the commemorations of the 50 years of the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi), in the Itamaraty.

In his evaluation, a great South American block will be important to give more strength to Brazil in the international scenery.

According to him, “in this economy of great blocks of the world (European Union, the United States, China and India, which are blocks themselves), Brazil has strength, but it will have more strength if it is joined to the countries of the region”.

However, Celso Amorim doesn´t believe that it is viable in the middle term.

Therefore, he defends the deepening of the Mercosur, which joins Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and which has Bolivia and Chile as associates and Venezuela in adhesion process.

Regional compromise

For the Minister, besides forming a block with its neighbors, Brazil needs to help them to develop, contributing to a peaceful environment in the region and the openness of markets to Brazilian products and services.

“When we do a loan to build a road in Bolivia or in Paraguay, we face resistances. It is being asked why we are doing it in Bolivia and not in the Brazilian Northeast region. Because it interests us. To develop the South American market is of great interest for Brazil. It is important because they are markets for the Brazilian industry. They generate jobs in Brazil”, he affirmed.

The Minister acknowledged the importance of solving the question of the Brazilian “brutish” surplus in the regional commercial negotiations. Brazil has a “brutish” surplus in the relations with all the neighbor countries, with the exception of Bolivia.

According to him, “we have to discover how they can sell for us, because there is no relation that is stable with a constant imbalance of this kind”.

Foreign Politics

The Minister of Foreign Relations used the event to defend once more the Brazilian foreign politics.

In his opinion, Brazil practiced in the last years a “daring” foreign politics, approaching of countries like Libya, Syria and Iran.

“We did things that people weren´t habituated to see Brazil doing”, he said.

For the chancellor, Brazil is a big country, which must act “with independence, without fear and without having to ask permission for each action”.

“We can talk and consult, as it happens in the internal politics, as it is done in life, but without submission”, he affirmed.

Celso Amorim pointed out that Brazil has been assuming an important role in international questions, like the negotiations with Iran and the peace dialogs of Palestinians with Israelis.

He cited the initiative of the Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat of asking the participation of Brazil in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine, together with the Quartet (the United States, European Union, Russia and UNO) and other countries, like Norway, China and Arab nations.

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