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Chancellors of Brazil and Bolivia meet to discuss

Chancellors of Brazil and Bolivia meet to discuss gas, drug trafficking and hydroelectric stations

The Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil, Antonio Patriota, lands this Friday, 25, in La Paz, where he reunites with the Bolivian chancellor David Choquehuanca.

According to the Bolivian chancellery, the Ministers will discuss the themes of the bilateral agenda with highlights for the import of the Bolivian natural gas by Brazil, actions of combat to the drug trafficking and the construction of hydroelectric stations.

The revision of the bilateral themes is the first step so that two governments set a date for the meeting between presidents Evo Morales and Dilma Rousseff.

Patriota also will discuss themes related to the migration, bank of motherly milk, construction of highways, credits for the agricultural sector, support to the textiles, border control, trade and the exchange of professionals.

The Bolivian government complains that up to today Brazil didn´t hand over the environmental studies to continue with the construction of the hydroelectric stations of Jirau and Santo Antonio, in the Madeira River.

In the Bolivian side, environmental organizations alerted that the development of these works may result in an ecological disaster in part of the Bolivian Amazon, since they are located to less than 100 km of the border.

Brazil ignores the appeals and maintains the works.

Bolivian specialists warned that the hydroelectric dams, built with a capital of US$ 15 millions financed by the Bank Santander Hispano, caused an increase in the volume of the rivers, provoking a mass death of fishes and the flood of several villages established to the edges of the Madeira River.

On March 28, the Minister of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, lands in Bolivia to discuss the cooperation in the combat to the drug trafficking and to the contraband.

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