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Chile ratifies Constitutive Treaty of the UNASUR

Chile ratifies Constitutive Treaty of the UNASUR

Chile is the seventh country to ratify the Constitutive Treaty that creates the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR).

A group of Chilean senators meet this Monday in Quito with the Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, to inform him of the decision.

The parliamentarians of Chile also will meet with the members of the Commission of Foreign Relations of the Ecuadorian parliament to discuss the advancements of the UNASUR.

Last week, Peru was designated as Educative Coordinator of the UNASUR in the Conference of Ministers of Education of the bloc and in the General Assembly of Ministers of Education of the Latin America.


Chilean parliamentarians want to discuss with Ecuadorian authorities the position of the country regarding the maritime litigation between Chile and Peru.

Ecuador must position itself in the International Court of Justice in this regard.

On Tuesday, September 14, the Peruvian chancellor José García Belaunde and the Minister of Defense of the country, Rafael Rey, arrived in Quito.

They will participate of the meeting of the mechanism ‘2 + 2’ with Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian chancellery still informed that the Minister of Foreign Relations of Chile, Alfredo Moreno, may arrive in the country this week.


This Monday, the newspaper “El Mercúrio“, of Santiago, released an inquiry showing that 73 percent of the interviewed ones don’t accept that Chile gives up  territory so that Bolivia has access to the sea.

The inquiry showed still that the Chileans´ support to the Bolivian plea fell from 40 percent to 35 percent.

The Chilean government proposed the Bolivian access to the sea, but without sovereignty, which was rejected by Bolivia.

According to the Chilean chancellor Alfredo Moreno, the country will respect the decision of the International Court of Justice.

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