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China diversifies presence in the Latin America

China diversifies presence in the Latin America

In the last years, China multiplied its investments in the Latin America by fortifying positions in the sectors of mining and hydrocarbons and by enlarging the presence in railroad infrastructure and metallurgy of iron.

Also, were multiplied the visits of Chinese authorities that were in the Latin America securing agreements of investment and exploration with oil-producing countries, like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.

In June of 2009, China transferred to Venezuela the first part of a credit to finance 19 projects of development.

In April of this year, the country announced its participation in the oil exploration in the Basin of the Orinoco River.

Recently, China informed that Peru became the principal receiver of Chinese capitals in the Latin America, principally in the mining sector.

However, more than 50 percent of the Chinese investments in the Latin America are concentrated in Brazil.

For the Chinese, Brazil has enormous lacks due to the immense necessities of financing of infrastructures.

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