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IV Brazil-EU Strategic Partnership Summit

Collaboration on electoral processes

Collaboration on electoral processes

The European Union (EU) and Brazil share a broad base of common values and interests in promoting and protecting Human Rights and in strengthening democracy, the rule of law and good governance.

These aspects are anchored in the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership. Brazil is increasingly assertive in South-South co-operation, especially in its own neighborhood as well as in lusophone Africa. The EU and Brazil are interested in exploring avenues for triangular development co-operation and in establishing a framework for strengthening relations with Portuguese speaking developing countries to start with.

The European Commission and the Community of Portuguese speaking countries (CPLP) have signed a memorandum of understanding in 2007 aiming at strengthening their cooperation and coordination and referring specifically inter alia to the support to electoral assistance and observation, parliaments, the media and civic education.

There is already a history of cooperation between the European Commission and Portuguese speaking developing countries (Timor-Leste and African Countries of Portuguese Official Language – PALOP), between Brazil and most of these countries, and also between the European Commission and Brazil  in several workshops, seminars and other training activities organized by EuropeAid on electoral assistance issues.

In the framework of the European Development Fund, the Commission funds a project in support of Electoral Cycles in the PALOP countries and Timor-Leste. Its implementation foresees explicitly the possibility of triangular cooperation with Brazil for any of the three project components: 1) Improve capacities of electoral management bodies; 2) Consolidate a network of Lusophone electoral management bodies and disseminate tools and methodologies on electoral management in Portuguese; 3) Enhance participation of women and young voters, and improve the capacity of parliaments and media to fulfill their role, particularly in relation to electoral processes.

The Brazilian Agency for Cooperation (ABC) manages technical cooperation programmes to the benefit of PALOP and Timor-Leste that may bear the costs of the participation of the Superior Electoral Court in providing assistance in the fields of electoral processes.

Considering the above, we thereby confirm our intention to develop and enhance our cooperation:

–  at an operational level, through concrete projects and activities on electoral assistance, such as the ongoing collaboration at workshops, trainings and publications, as well as through setting up triangular cooperation to be negotiated between the European Commission and the ABC in coordination with the Superior Electoral Court  within the above mentioned PALOP & Timor-Leste Electoral Cycles project, upon request of the beneficiary countries, and with no additional transfer of funds to either the European Commission or the Superior Electoral Court.

– at a policy level, by a regular dialogue on electoral support and broader matters of democratic governance, in the context of cooperation with specific developing countries where both parties are active in the development field.

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