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Colombia assumes commitment in ratifying UNASUR

Colombia assumes commitment in ratifying UNASUR

This Friday, the Minister of Foreign Relations of Colombia, María Ángela Holguín, affirmed that the government will do everything possible so that the Constitutive Treaty that creates the UNASUR is ratified by the Congress and accepted by the Constitutional Court of the country.

Holguín reiterated that the foreign policy of Santos is committed with the Latin-American integration and unity.

The declaration was made in the company of the chancellor of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, who visits Colombia.

Patiño pointed out that Ecuador, president pro tempore of the bloc, claims to have the UNASUR working fully until the end of the year.

For so much, nine of the 12 member-countries must ratify the Treaty. Up to the moment, seven did it.

The Ministers meet again in October, in Quito, to continue the negotiations that aim to bring the bilateral relations back to normal.

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