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Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will discuss

Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will discuss deportation of Brazilians from Spain

The Commission of Foreign Relations and National Defense of the Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday, March 16, request so that the Minister of Foreign Relations, Antonio Patriota, debates the occurrence of obstacles imposed by the Spanish authorities to the Brazilians who enter the country.

The same thing will take place in the Federal Senate, where the leader of the PMDB, Renan Calheiros (state of Alagoas), criticized the Spanish government for the expulsion of regularly documented Brazilians.

Patriota will be invited to speak still on the directives of the Brazilian foreign politics and the perspectives of the international relations of Brazil, especially with the Arab countries.

The proposal of the deputy Antonio Carlos Mendes Thame (PSDB – state of São Paulo) reminds that, in 2008, the Commission of Foreign Relations had already carried out public audience to examine the detention of a Brazilian citizen by the airport authorities of Madrid.

She is a researcher of the University of São Paulo (USP) that wasn’t even traveling to Spain. Lisbon was her final destination, but she remained stuck for three days in Spain until being deported.

In January of this year, an academic girl also was detained by the Spanish Police because of supposed insufficiency of documents.

Mendes Thame revealed the optimist content of a letter sent by the Spanish ambassador in Brasilia, Carlos Alonso Zaldívar.

According to the diplomat, the cases of inadmissibility of Brazilians in Spain have passed from 2,842 in 2008 to 1.994 in 2009 and 1.831 in 2010.

On March 24, the minister of Foreign Relations of Spain, Trinidad Jimenez, will comply with work schedule in Brasilia and must treat the subject.

The parliamentarians don´t discard the possibility of taking the subject straightly to the Spanish chancellor.

For the deputies, the bilateral relations can be negatively impacted if a definitive solution for the subject isn’t achieved.

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