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Cooperación I joins air forces of 13 countries in

Cooperación I joins air forces of 13 countries in Chile

Last Monday, October 4, began the Operation Cooperación I, which reunites soldiers of 13 air forces in Chile in a multilateral exercise of integration that intends to strengthen the international cooperation.


The Operation has as general goal: to prepare, to prove and to value the planning and the execution of the exercise as a form of standardizing proceedings and of defining a methodology of common action for the air forces.


As specific goals, the soldiers intend to prove the system of planning of the NATO and to standardize standards and operating proceedings.


Besides, they intend to standardize and to ratify logistic standards and proceedings, to define and to value systems of command and control and to propose the incorporation of different technological ways that could be useful to the air forces.


According to the Air Force of Chile, the Operation Cooperación I will update the integrants of the Cooperation System of the American Air Forces, in the processes of planning, execution and control of operations in situations of natural disasters, humanitarian support and search and rescue.


Nearly 80 aircraft will be employed in the services up to October 15.


For the execution of the operation, a catastrophe scenario was established in the South zone of Chile, in Los Lagos and Aysén del General.


The exercise was created in 2007, after the Conference of the Commanders of the American Air Forces (SICOFAA), carried out in Santa Cruz de la SierraBolivia.


The SICOFAA is based in WashigntonUSA.

Soldiers of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay participate of the Operation Cooperación I.

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