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Czech Republic will join the program KC-390

Czech Republic will join the program KC-390

The Ministers of Defense of Brazil, Nelson Jobim, and of the Czech Republic, Alexandr Vondra, signed, this Monday, in Prague, a Declaration of Intentions that secures the participation of that country in the program of development of the jet of military transport KC-390.

Just as it happened already with Colombia, Chile and Portugal, the understanding marks the beginning of the negotiations for the participation of the Czech industry in the project and in the manufacture of the airplane and in the future acquisition of two airplanes KC-390 by the Czech government.

“We are very satisfied with the interest demonstrated by the Czech government in participating of the program KC-390 and we hope that this country comes to consolidate as one more partner in this successful contract”, affirmed Orlando José Ferreira Neto, Executive Vice-President of the Embraer for the Defense Market.

According to him, “the new agreement reaffirms the potential of success of the KC-390. The cooperation perspective with the traditional Czech aeronautical industry excites us and we believe that this can be the beginning of a solid and long-term relation.”

According to the EMBRAER, this is the fourth announcement of negotiation of international partnerships for the program KC-390 made by the enterprise after the 47th Farnborough International Airshow, in England, in July, when the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) revealed the intention of acquiring 28 jets.

Chile, Colombia and Portugal already began discussions to define the conditions of participation in the project and in the manufacture of the new airplane of military transport.

With the entry of the Czech Republic, such negotiations may result in the aggregate sale of 54 airplanes KC-390 for the air forces of these five countries.

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