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Declaration of Rio on the Alliance of Civilization

Declaration of Rio on the Alliance of Civilizations

We, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of States belonging to the Group of Friends of the United Nations´ Alliance of Civilizations;

Together with the General Directors and other Heads of Delegation of international organizations also belonging to the United Nations´ Alliance of Civilizations;

On the occasion of the Third Global Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 28th and 29th May, 2010;

Reaffirming our commitment to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as other relevant international instruments, such as the Constitution of UNESCO and the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity;

Recognizing that all cultures, civilizations and religions contribute to the enrichment of humankind;

Convinced that the world´s cultural diversity is a wealth to be cherished by all as a factor of peace;

Stressing the importance of respect and understanding for cultural and religious diversity, and encouraging tolerance, respect, dialogue and cooperation among different cultures, civilizations and peoples;

Recognizing the importance of intercultural and interreligious dialogue in order to promote tolerance, mutual respect and peace, and expressing its support for the diverse initiatives taken by many countries and regions towards such dialogue;

Emphasizing the important role of UNESCO and other international organizations on the matter;

Welcoming and stimulating the continuing efforts made by the United Nations’ Secretary-General and His High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations to promote greater understanding and respect among civilizations, cultures, and religions, by means “inter alia” of concrete projects in the priority areas of youth, education, media and migration, in collaboration with Governments, international and regional organizations, the private sector, foundations and civil society in general;

Taking into consideration United Nations’ General Assembly Resolution 64/14, of 10 November, 2009, adopted by consensus,

1         Welcome the new members of the Group of Friends of the Alliance of Civilizations;

2        Reiterate our commitment to the advancement of the goals and principles of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations;

3        Express our support to the priorities identified in the 2nd Implementation Plan of the Alliance of Civilizations, submitted in June 2009 to the UN Secretary-General and the Group of Friends;

4        Stress the importance of implementing the Alliance’s goals at national level, in collaboration with governments and civil society, namely through the implementation of National Plans for Intercultural Dialogue;

5        Support the development of regional processes to increase cooperation among countries on intercultural dialogue, praising, in that regard, the Regional Conference for South-Eastern Europe, held in Sarajevo, in December 2009;

6        Acknowledge the importance of the annual Global Forums, involving the Group of Friends and partners, together with leading personalities of various areas, as a means to discuss, approve and promote the Alliance of Civilizations as well as its programmes and projects;

7        Call for increased coordination and consultation between the Alliance and the members of the Group of Friends through the network of the National Focal Points;

8        Reiterate our appreciation to Spain for the First Global Forum, held in Madrid in January 2008, and to Turkey, for the Second Global Forum, held in Istanbul, in April 2009;

9        Welcome the offers already made by Qatar and Austria to host the next two global forums in Doha, in 2011, and in Vienna, in 2012;

10     Extend our gratitude to the Government and people of Brazil, in particular to the City and State of Rio de Janeiro, for convening the present Third Global Forum in the period 27-29 May, 2010;

11      Call upon the full implementation of the announcements made in the Rio Forum;

12     Express our conviction that the Rio Forum has achieved its main objective of making the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations a really global undertaking, with universal aims.



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