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Dilma’s Administration: from the expectation to th

Dilma’s Administration: from the expectation to the reality

Marcelo Rech

Dilma Rousseff reaches the presidency of the Republic in her first and only election. Thing isn´t little.

Lifted up to this condition thanks to the “godfather” Lula, she has now the obligation of confirming, in day-by-day, her capacity of making the country work.

It is said that the first 100 days are determinative to know what the four years of her administration reserve to us.

Judging by the assembly of her ministry, we shouldn´t expect very much.

In the place of renowned technicians, she put known politicians. Most of them known for nothing commendable practices.

Lula surprised many people and left the power eight years later with almost 90 percent of popularity, surpassing scandals and schemes sponsored by his subordinates.

The numbers say that the country improved very much.

But numbers also deceive. Brazil is far from being a great country. It is more like just a big country.

The president will have ahead lots of complex challenges, but no one so difficult than deal with the politicians and corrupt ones (redundancy?).

Most complicated for the president is her own party. The PT (“Party of the Workers”) is of those that never are satisfied. They want everything.

It was the PT that created the biggest and most serious problems for Lula. The president was saved thanks to the personal charisma.

The PMDB (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party) is a gathering. Ciro Gomes defined it very well.

And we have still those who hope that everything goes wrong. They are many.

If she survives to the constant friendly-fire, Dilma Rousseff gradually will be apart of Lula. In two years, she will have built a ministry with her face and without the “godfathers”.

Until then, she must enforce her tough reputation. If she softens, she is lost.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist and editor of the InfoRel. E-mail:

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