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Drug trafficking moves more than US$ 700 millions

Drug trafficking moves more than US$ 700 millions in Bolivia

Last week, the Bolivian government announced the negotiation of cooperation agreements with Brazil, United Kingdom and Russia, to combat the drug trafficking, after being decertified by the United States.

Now, it admits that the drug trafficking moves up to US$ 700 millions in the country, amount that is within the predicted by the Organization of the United Nations (UNO).

The Vice-president, Álvaro García Linera, acknowledges that up to 3 percent of the total of the Bolivian economy is influenced by the drug trafficking.

Linera affirmed that Bolivia will keep seeking ways of fighting the activities linked to the drug trafficking, but he discarded the possibility of the North American anti-drug agency, DEA, return to the country.

According to the UN, of this total of US$ 700 millions, an insignificant portion reaches the producer or Andean intermediary.

In the world, the drug traffick generates around US$ 72 billions in profits.

The United States maintains Bolivia in the blacklist of drug-producing countries, of which Brazil and Paraguay were excluded.

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