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ECEME promotes Cycle of Military History, Geopolit

ECEME promotes Cycle of Military History, Geopolitics and Strategy

Between August 10 and 12, the School of Command and General Staff of the Army (ECEME) will carry out the sixth Cycle of Military History, Geopolitics and Strategy, with the theme: “THE INFLUENCE OF THE CLASSIC THINKERS IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD”.

The event has as objectives, to connect the teachings obtained in the study of the Military History, of the Geopolitics one and of the Strategy with the current conjuncture; to identify the influence of the Classic Thinkers in the politics and in the strategy in the contemporary world; and too provide the interaction of military of the ECEME and of the Army with integrants of the other Singular Forces, as well as with other segments of the society, in special of the academia, about subjects related to the Military History, Geopolitics and Strategy.

The School of Command and General Staff of the Army is an establishment of traditional teaching of the Brazilian Army, which has as missions: to prepare superior officials for the functions of General Staff, command, leadership, direction and assistance to the most elevated ranks of the Land Force; to contribute to the development of the military doctrine; and to carry out researches, inclusive and if necessarily, with the participation of other institutions and organizations.


The event will be carried out in the Auditorium Duque de Caxias, of the ECEME, in the General Tibúrcio Square 125 – Praia Vermelha – Rio de Janeiro – state of Rio de Janeiro.

More information can be obtained by the telephone: (21) 3873-3871 and / or by e-mail:

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