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Ecuador in campaign for Unasur

Ecuador in campaign for Unasur

Marcelo Rech


The Minister of Foreign Relations of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, will visit, this week, Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela with the purpose of reaching the ratification of the Constitutive Treaty of the Union of the South American Nations (Unasur).


Last week, Patiño was in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.


There is no confirmation, but the chancellor is expected to come to Brasilia before the meeting of the Unasur, which will be in Buenos Aires on the 4th of May.


The next days, he talks for telephone with the Ministers of Foreign Relations of Brazil, Colombia, Guyana and Surinam.


In Argentina, the Unasur is supposed to elect ex-president Nestor Kirchner as Secretary-general of the entity, besides approving measures of support to the reconstruction of Chile and Haiti, discussing the political situation of Honduras, the dialog with the United States and the creation of a mechanism to solute controversies.


Council of Infrastructure


In the last Friday, 16, in Quito, delegates of 12 countries that integrate the Unasur approved a proposal of regulation for the future Council of Infrastructure and Projection of the entity.


The mechanism intends to perfect the integration through the strategic public works in the region. The rules will be discussed again in June in another meeting in Ecuador.


Analysis of the News


In August, Ecuador delivers to Guyana the Presidency pro tempore of the Unasur.


Until that time, the country wants to leave the way paved so that the entity don´t be only one more.


Is admirable the effort carried out by the country in search of the ratification of the Constitutive Treaty.


Only four of 12 countries did it. Brazil considers the Unasur a priority in its agenda of foreign politics, but the ratification of the Treaty is still stopped in the Chamber of the Deputies.


The only thing that is still needed to be done is its symbolic approval by the Plenary session to follow to the Federal Senate, where it goes through the procedure in at least one commission.


To be approved, is only needed political will.


However, for the Itamaraty, more important than the Unasur is the approval of the 12 already appropriate Brazilian ambassadors, that wait for the respective tests.


From February, only a name was approved, for the Brazilian embassy in Israel. The government also seems accommodated with the situation, principally if analysed that the Commission of Foreign Relations of the Senate is joined only once in a week.


Possibly, the must meet not more than ten times up to the June end. Then, the World Cup comes and also the elections.


Nothing more will be a priority in the Congress.

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