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Ecuador receives two more ‘Super Tucano’

Ecuador receives two more ‘Super Tucano’

The Air Force of Ecuador (FAE) received this Monday, two more Super Tucano airplanes, acquired by Ecuador from Brazil.

Of a total of 18 airplanes, ten already had been delivered, and the FAE waits to receive the remainder up to the beginning of 2011.

The Super Tucano aircraft will be used to reinforce the vigilance of the Ecuadorian frontier with Colombia.

The government of Rafael Correa decided for the purchase after the attack of the Colombian Army to a camp of the Farc in Angostura, in March of 2008.

In the opportunity, 25 guerrillas were killed, including Raúl Reyes, the second in charge of the Farc, at that time.

Colombia used the Super Tucano airplanes in the operation.

The aircraft will be employed with priority in the missions of approximate air support, interception and patrol.

The Ecuadorian Air Force also informed that some of the Super Tucano will be used for the pilots´ training in substitution of the old A-37 airplanes (USA) and the Strikemaster MK-89 airplanes (UK).

Brazil donates airplanes to Ecuador

In the beginning of July, the Chamber of the Deputies approved the Bill that authorizes the Ministry of Defense to donate an airplane C-115 Búffalo to Ecuador.

The aircraft, of the heap of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), will be delivered the way it is now, and the expenses with its removal are responsibility of the Ecuadorian government.

The donation happens for two basic reasons: Brazil has more modern and economical airplanes and the gesture strengthens the politics of regional integration and construction of the confidence.

One of the reasons of the FAB to shut down this model is the difficulty in finding spare parts for its maintenance.

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