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Ecuador transfers UNASUR to Guyana

Ecuador transfers UNASUR to Guyana

Between November 13 and 20, the government of Ecuador, country that chairs the Union of the South American Nations, will send a delegation to Georgetown, Guyana, to give beginning to the transfer of the bloc presidency to that country.

On November 25, the chancellors of the bloc meet to close the details of the transfer. On November 26, the Chiefs of State meet in the capital of Guyana to formalize the decision.

This Wednesday, the Ministers of Foreign Relations of the two countries met in New York and defined the details of the meeting.

Ecuador also must send technical personnel to support Guyana regarding the organization of the Secretariat pro tempore.

There is the fear that the process of institutionalization of the UNASUR is slowed down, once Guyana rarely participates of the meetings.

Ricardo Patiño hopes that Brazil and Colombia ratify the Constitutive Treaty until there.

The Ecuadorian chancellor believes that after the electoral period in Brazil, it will be possible to conclude the procedures in the Chamber of the Deputies and in the Federal Senate.

Recently, he was in Bogota with Minister María Ángela Holguín, who assumed the commitment of ratifying the Treaty before the end of the year.

With nine ratifications among 12 countries, the UNASUR comes into force formally and the member-countries will be able, among other things, to send budgetary resources for the maintenance of the physical structure of the bloc.

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