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Ecuador wants the support of Brazil in preserving

Ecuador wants the support of Brazil in preserving Amazon region

The Ecuadorian government threatens to leave the project of preservation of the National Park Yasuní, in the Amazon region, if the international community doesn´t contribute with the US$ 3.6 billions.

The money will be used for the creation of alternative sources of energy. In this way, Ecuador intends to preserve its oil reserve in the forest.

President Rafael Correa was disposing of the support of the German cooperation and of the European Union, but up to the moment nothing of concrete was secured.

The coordinator of the project Yasuní, the ex-chancellor Maria Fernanda Espinosa, informed that Brazil also was called to collaborate and that she waits for an answer of President Dilma Rousseff in the next days.

According to Espinosa, the resources for the preservation of the area will be administered by the United Nations Development Programme (PNUD).

Ecuador wants to transform the energetic matrix of the country while the preservation of woods and native villages is quite precarious.

The oil is, at present, the principal source of revenues of Ecuador.

Yasuní concentrates 20 percent of the Ecuadorian reserves and might be responsible for the emission of 400 million tons of carbon dioxide, principal agent of the global heating.

Maria Fernanda Espinosa showed that if the resources don’t come, the country will explore the oil in the reserve.

Up to the moment, Chile, Spain and Italy contributed with a total of US$ 38 millions. The country hopes to collect at least US$ 100 millions in 2011 to make the project possible.

In June, the government will do an evaluation of the advancements and will be able to decide for its desertion. Until there, Correa wants to hear the population in referendum about the preservation or not of Yasuní.

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