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European Union discusses cooperation with the Lati

European Union discusses cooperation with the Latin America

This Thursday, 16, in Asunción, began a meeting that reunites representatives of the European Union in the Latin America and of social organisms of 16 countries, which will discuss how to structure the programs of cooperation with the region.

The meeting goes up to Friday, when the EU intends to discuss with each country the best way of developing the cooperation.

At least 160 people of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, participate of the event.

The EU is responsible for almost 60 percent of the global assistance, with 12 billion Euros applied in hundreds of cooperation programs in 2009.

Currently, the European Union supports projects in 160 countries, principally regarding the eradication of the poverty and the contribution to the economical and democratic development.

For the Latin America, the EU sends nearly 500 annual millions to the bilateral and regional programs and projects.

In March, the European Union implemented a project so-called “Regional Seminar of Structured Dialog of the European Commission”, which seeks to approximate the interests of the bloc with those of the countries.

The bloc once more showed interest in promoting an agreement of free trade with the Mercosur, which, up to now, hadn´t significant advancements.

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