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Farc ensures that there will be no surrender

Farc ensures that there will be no surrender

Less than a week after the bombing that resulted in the death of the principal military strategist of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc), Jorge Briceño, a.k.a. Mono Jojoy, the organization informs that there will be no surrender.

According to the Farc, the group keeps on looking for an opportunity of peace.

On the other hand, President Juan Manuel Santos assured that the attacks will be intensified. The target of the government is now the leader of the guerrilla, Alfonso Cano.

Considered the main ideologist of the organization, Cano assumed the command of the Farc in 2008, after the death of Manuel Marulanda (Tiro Fijo).

Even trapped with the loss of combatants and of its principal leaders, the Farc affirms that the peace and the reconciliation won´t be obtained through the extermination of the guerrilla.

Moreover, the Farc accuses the media of “singing a false and victorious annihilation of the insurgence”.

The organization also affirms that the Military Forces of Colombia aren’t worried with the 17 sequestrated hostages of the guerrilla, some of them with 12 years of captivity.

The Colombian Air Force (FAC), on the other hand, ensured that the bombs used against the camp where Mono Jojoy was killed, are driven by coordinates and that information of intelligence asserted that there was no sequestrated ones in there.

While visiting the mountain range of Macarena, President Juan Manuel Santos affirmed that the country is before the “beginning of the end of the Farc”.

Santos revealed that 15 computers, 94 USB memories and 14 hard disks were found in the camp, in conditions of being analyzed.

According to him, “eleven times superior in quality and quantity to what was found in the computers of Raúl Reyes. These data will facilitate the work of seeking all the integrants of the Farc, their nets of support, their sources of financing and their assets”.

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