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For Minister, Brazil must dispute market of defens

Fighters purchase will be retaken, Minister assure

Fighters purchase will be retaken, Minister assures

The process of choice of a supplier for the new fighter airplane of the Brazilian Air Force (F-X2) must be resumed in November, when the presidential elections are ended, assured the Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, last Wednesday.

According to him, the president showed his interest in discussing the affair together with his successor.

Jobim reiterated that there is no decision taken, and said that the suggestion to be sent by the Defense to the president will give priority to the transfer of technology of the supplier, and this transfer must be ensured by the government of the country from where the enterprise come.

“What we want is national capacity, we don´t want (only) an airplane”, he justified.

According to the ministry of Defense, the choice of the supplier will only start a new stage of negotiations of the commercial and financial contracts, which may delay some months.

In case of the submarines, the negotiations delayed almost one year, after the decision about the supplier.

The first unities of the new fighter will reach Brazil in 2016, informed the Commander of the Air Force, Brigadier Juniti Saito.

Jobim explained that the plans of equipping of the Armed Forces, adjusted to the future necessities, are still in preparation, and will have horizon of 20 years.

He assured that the project F-X2 will be a part of this plan, together with the Pro-sub (construction of submarines); the Guarani armored personnel carriers, which will substitute the Urutus; 50 transport helicopters of the Helibrás, and the freighter airplane in development by the Embraer, the KC-390.

Also will be a part: the Integrated System of Monitorting of Frontiers (SISFRON) and the System of Management of the Blue Amazon region (SisGAAz), both based in satellites.

The Minister explained that there are no values defined for the plan.

“The number is a consequence of the necessity”, but he pointed to ways that may complement budgetary revenues: collection of prize of the banks that pay salaries of the soldiers; revenues of a property fund with non-operational inheritance of the Forces, among others.

Moreover, Nelson Jobim affirmed that he sees the project of the KC-390 as a paradigm to be followed: it will occupy a place of international market, since it will be able to replace the Hércules that will be exceeded in the whole world in the next years, and it disposes of partnerships for its production.

There are already agreements with Chile, Colombia, Portugal and Czech Republic.

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