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Fighters purchase will be retaken, Minister assure
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For Minister, Brazil must dispute market of defens

For Minister, Brazil must dispute market of defense

The Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, defended that the Brazilian industries of defense join in conglomerates, as it occurs in the developed countries, to dispute the international market.

Last Wednesday, Jobim participated of the Seminar “Refit of the Armed Forces”, promoted by the Federation of the Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp).

In the opening of the event, the Minister detailed the principal directives of the National Strategy of Defense, and the structure of the New Defense, resultant of the legal changes that intend to strengthen the ministry.

For the Minister, the State must help the enterprises to be re-structured and to be capitalized, so that they can “walk with their own legs”.

“We will participate to give musculature to the enterprises, but they must have a form of sustainability, without depending on the taxpayer”, he alerted.

Nelson Jobim also emphasized that the restructuring can´t be restrict to Brazil, but must follow to the enterprises of other countries of the South America.

According to him, Brazil must strengthen the South American market to face the global competition, using specially the opportunities in the South-South market.

According to the Fiesp, in next ten years, the Armed Forces will receive US$ 27 billions for investments.

During the event, Nelson Jobim presented, in a map, the principal installations of infrastructure of the country – from the pre-salt basin to the telecommunication trunks.

And he pointed to the lacks of presence, concentrated in the Amazonian border.

In his evaluation, there are lots of vulnerabilities that need to be corrected with the appropriate equipping and the restructuring of the defense.

The Minister noticed that Brazil doesn´t face problems like terrorism, which can put in risk this unprotected infrastructure. But he considered that the picture can change in the future.

“We have no terrorism, but when we start to be international players, who assures we can’t have?”, he questioned.

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