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Forum will discuss discrimination against Muslims

Forum will discuss discrimination against Muslims

Between May 27 and May 29, it will happen in Rio de Janeiro the Third World Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, which will reunite eight Chiefs of Government, 50 chancellors and the Secretary-General of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon.

The Alliance of Civilizations reunites 100 countries and 20 supranational and non-governmental organizations, and it was born after the terrorist attacks of March of 2004, in Madrid.

In 2005, the Alliance was adopted by the UN and the first two editions of the Forum happened in Madrid, in 2008, and Istanbul, in 2009.

It has as principal objective strengthen the dialog and the pacific familiarity between societies with different cultures and religions.

According to the Portuguese ex-president and also coordinator of the Forum, Jorge Sampaio, “Brazil has a cultural diversity and an experience of difficulties and triumphs that can be shared with others. Brazil is a standard-bearer of the diversity”.

In the evaluation of the Itamaraty, this is the most important international event in Brazil in 2010 because of the complexity of the discussions and the number of foreign delegations.

The Alliance of the Civilizations works with actions in four axles: education, media, migration and youth.

At least 150 young persons of 65 countries are expected in the event.

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