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Statement by Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota the

France supports entry of Brazil in the U.N. Securi

France supports entry of Brazil in the U.N. Security Council

The minister of the Foreign and European Relations of France, Michèlle Alliot-Marie, defended, this Tuesday, an immediate reform in the structure of the United Nations Security Council and the entry of Brazil as permanent member in the organism.

According to her, Brazil has been fulfilling “an essential role” in the international context. The announcement, in turn, comes from a country that is permanent member with right to veto.

She revealed still that the United Kingdom, another country with permanent seat in the council, also supports the entry of Brazil as permanent member.

Michèlle Alliot-Marie considers “natural” the Brazilian wish to integrate the council as permanent member.

At present, Brazil presides over the CSNU and occupies a non-permanent seat for the tenth time.

“The lawsuit of Brazil to have a permanent seat must be taken into account because of its essential role [in the international scenery]. The Security Council ignores the very essential role that Brazil has been fulfilling for the world”, explained the chancellor.

Alliot-Marie met with President Dilma Rousseff and the ministers of Foreign Relations, Antonio Patriota, and of Defense, Nelson Jobim.

The Security Council has the same structure since its creation in 1945, with 15 members: five permanent ones and ten non-permanent with mandates of two years.

One of the proposals under discussion is that, among its permanent members, are included two Asian countries, one from the Latin America, one from Eastern Europe and one from Africa.

Analysis of the news

Marcelo Rech

France is worried with the decision of the Brazilian government of revising the process of choice of the fighters for the Air Force.

Nicolás Sarkozy took as certain the decision announced two years ago by Lula and endorsed by Minister Nelson Jobim.

Lula left the power without managing to resolve the question and the Minister doesn´t answer for the subject.

The two advocated for the purchase of the French Rafale, the most expensive among the three selected models.

Michèlle Alliot-Marie made the French preoccupation clear in conversations with the Ministers of Defense and of Foreign Relations, but to president Dilma Rousseff she affirmed to understand the moment in which the cuts in the budget approximate to R$ 50 billions.

The decision on the fighters will not cost less than US$ 4 billions and, though Minister Nelson Jobim says the opposite, president Dilma doesn´t oppose that other contestants besides the three “finalists” present a proposal.

“As we are doing with the helicopters and the submarines, we are going to transfer the technology so that Brazil can be autonomous. We are the only ones that accept to do the proposal of transfer. No another country did this proposal”, the French chancellor affirmed, in Brasilia.

However, the president wants to hear from Barack Obama what the United States are willing to do to gain the contract.

And she has no hurry. She wants to value to the utmost the theme, so she can evaluate the compensations that can slam on her table.

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