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FX2: Sweden promises Research Centre in Brazil

FX2: Sweden promises Research Centre in Brazil

Representatives of the Swedish enterprise Saab assured to the Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, this Friday in Brasilia, that they are willing to built a Research Centre in Brazil.

The enterprise is the manufacturer of the fighter Gripen NG, which disputes bidding of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for the sale of 36 airplanes of attack.

Bengt Janér, director of the Saab in Brazil, affirmed that this affair wasn´t treated, but he said that the enterprise is confident. “We have the best product for Brazil”, he said.

However, the assembly of a Research Centre consists already of the original proposal that is a target of analysis by the ministry of Defense.

The Saab already did it in Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and in Sweden itself.

Besides, the installation of the centre was always stipulated to the choice of the Gripen NG.

According to Janér, “we came to inform the Minister about our decision of doing it even if the Brazilian government doesn´t opt for the Gripen. We still didn´t decide where the research centre will be built, but much probably it will be done in São Paulo, because there are other interesting research centers in there”, he explained.

He still said that the enterprise decided to build a research centre in Brazil consudering that the country has the third greater aeronautical enterprise of the world (EMBRAER), besides technological parks, top universities in the areas of aeronautics and of engineering and several incubator enterprises.

“Our intention is to look for partnerships of long term with engineers and with the national industry so that we develop projects in a joint way. Our visit to the Minister was also motivated by our wish of having his opinion about the theme”, he added.

According to Janér, the research centre would develop projects of radars, sensors, electronic war, electro-optical systems, command and control and, also, products for the civil safety that may be applied to the protection of hydroelectric stations, stadiums and big events, like the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

“We have many technologies, like fusion of data and integration of systems, that may “overflow” from the military area to the civil aviation and to the private enterprise”, he pointed out.

The enterprise obtained positive signaling of Jobim. “He welcomed our idea and demonstrated to be satisfied with the intention of the Saab of investing in Brazil”, he concluded.

On September 7, Jobim reiterated that president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva would decide about the affair after the elections, but there is a tendency of which the affair is left to the next president.

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