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Chancellor wants South American block to face the
President Santos called for Latin American unity a

Guyana will preside the UNASUR, starting in Septem

Guyana will preside the UNASUR, starting in September

The Minister of Foreign Relations of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, informed that his country will hand over, in September, the presidency pro tempore of the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) to Guyana.

Before Ecuador, Chile commanded the UNASUR, soon of his creation.

The ceremony of transfer of the presidency pro tempore will probably be carried out September 15 or 16.

Until there, some themes still need to be treated and there is the possibility of the convocation of a meeting of the Ministers Council in the next days.

The UNASUR needs to ratify, among other things, the measures of confidence approved by the South American Council of Defense (CDS).

Ecuador also waits that the Congress of Chile ratifies the Constitutive Treaty up to the end of the next week.

Patiño affirmed still that there is a small possibility of Uruguay and Paraguay to ratify the Treaty before Guyana assumes the block.

Analysis of the News

The UNASUR is a Brazilian proposal, but Brazil doesn´t appear among the countries that ratified its Constitutive Treaty.

Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Venezuela did it.

At least three more are needed so that the block can work effectively.

Colombia, which was impervious to the proposal, now wants the UNASUR as priority.

In Brazil, before the presidential elections pass, the subject won´t be discussed.

The Chamber of Deputies postponed its approval for 13 times and the Treaty still will follow to discussion in the Senate.

In Paraguay, the opposition to President Fernando Lugo, which already spoiled the Protocol of Adhesion of Venezuela to the Mercosur, also creates problems.

To make everything worse, the presidency pro tempore will be handed to a country without any expertise and somewhat interested in the discussions of the block.

There is the fear that Guyana will ruin everything.

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