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Honduras denies closure of embassies in countries

Honduras denies closure of embassies in countries of the UNASUR

Less than 24 hours after announcing that it would close the embassies in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela, the government of Honduras informed through the Secretariat of Foreign Relations that the diplomatic representations keep on working.

These countries don´t recognize the government of President Porfírio Lobo.

In Communiqué, the Honduran chancellery explained that “in no moment there was arrangement of the government in closing embassies in countries of the South America”.

“On the contrary, the international politics of president Lobo Sosa is that of establishing diplomatic and commercial relations with all the countries of the world”, the Communiqué says.

The document concludes reiterating the wish of the Honduran government “of dialoguing in the mark of the mutual respect with all the nations of the world community with the purpose of strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation”.

For the vice-minister of Foreign Relations, Alden Rivera, the declarations of chancellor Mario Canahuati “were misunderstood”.

“There was a misinterpretation of the declarations of the chancellor. What he said is that a constant study is being carried out to determine the convenience of maintaining resident missions or rivals of the diplomatic and consular missions of Honduras anywhere in the world”, affirmed Rivera.

The governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela broke diplomatic relations with Honduras in June of 2009, after the coup d´etat that put down the president Manuel Zelaya.

These countries also boycotted the participation of the elected president Porfírio Lobo in international events like the Ibero-American Summit of 2010.

The Honduran chancellery assured that there is no possibility of the country to close embassies in the South American countries.

However, the government of the country confirmed that has no type of representation in Argentina, Jamaica and Venezuela and that in Brazil the consulate works normally.

In Ecuador and in Nicaragua, Honduras maintains only one charge d´affaires.

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