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Hugo Chávez says that he stays in the power for in

Hugo Chávez says that he stays in the power for indeterminate time

Marcelo Rech


The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, affirmed this Wednesday, in Brasilia, that he will remain in the power for indeterminate time.


According to Chávez, he has no successor and the Constitution of the country doesn´t define the term of his mandate. He is in the power since 1998.


In the meeting with Lula, the eighth since they decided to create a mechanism of presidential meetings, there were signed 21 agreements of technical and economical cooperation.


The agreements contemplate the supply of technology for the improving of the production of corn, soy and meat. The agreements also contemplate a letter of intentions which is destined to the question of the overflights in both countries.


The presidents also signed an agreement between the Bank of Venezuela and the Federal Savings Bank (CEF) to increase the access to bank services in both countries.


Finally, it was signed an act that defines the enlargement of the sale of naphtha (a derivate of oil) by the Brazilian enterprise Brasken to the Petróleos of Venezuela Inc. (PDVSA).


At present, the Brazilian enterprise sells 500 thousand tons of the product to Venezuela. The objective of the new agreement is to increase the sales for 750 thousand tons.


Lula and Chávez had defined that will created a partnership with the Brazilian Enterprise of Farming Research (Embrapa), to bring farming research into effect in Venezuela and also to advance projects that look for the enlargement of the harvest of soy in the region of Valle de Quibor, in the state of Lara.


Besides, the cooperation agreements with Brazil contribute to minimize the energetic difficulties faced by Venezuela.


Lula and Chávez have met already 19 times and the next meeting will be on the day 4, in Buenos Aires, in the Summit of the Unasur. The last meeting will be in December, before Lula’s mandate gets to an end.


The bilateral commerce between Brazil and Venezuela involves around US$ 5 annual billions.


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